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Li Gongke
Li Gongke
Sun Yat-sen University

Professor Gongke Li obtained her PhD degree in analytical chemistry from Sun Yat-sen University of China in 1992. She then joined Sun Yat-sen University and became a professor since 2000. With expertise in chromatographic analysis and spectral analysis, her major research interests are focused on sample preparation techniques, analytical techniques for trace analysis of complex samples. She has published more than 350 research papers in reputed journals, 16 authorized invention patents and a book on sample preparation. She is currently the associate editor of Journal Separation Science and the member of editorial board of 15 academic journals including Journal of Chromatography A, Microchimica Acta and a member of the chemical teaching Advisory Committee for Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education. 3 Science and Technology Awards and 2 honor prizes have been granted to her from the national and provincial governments of China. She was awarded the Chinese women's analytical chemist in 2015. She was also named as one of the 2016 Power List and the Top 50 most influential women in the analytical sciences in the world (The Analytical Scientist’s 2016 Power List).

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