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Davidson E Egirani
Davidson E Egirani
Senior Lecturer Niger Delta University Nigeria

Dr. Davidson Egirani (Ph.D.-environmental science), now is an Academic of Environmental and Applied Geology, head of EAAWRE research on the aquatic environment. He got his B Sc, M Sc in the Earth Sciences at Ibadan and PhD in Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom. He got Thomas Edison Award-2014 in Energy and Environmental Science for Inspiration and Knowledge Distribution among young research scholars. Currently Dr. Davidson Egirani’ researches focus on the effect of anthropogenic activities on aquatic environment, with special emphasis on the reduction of toxic metals in agricultural and industrial systems using mineral adsorbents. He has published over 70 articles that have been cited over 69 times. As a Lead Consultant, he got practical experiences in providing expert advice on the effect of mine water chemistry on agricultural land, cutting across Asia, Africa and the United Kingdom. Dr. Davidson Egirani is a Visiting Lecturer to International Universities. He is a member of several international professional organizations inclusive, International Medical Geology Association and Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Research Interest

Chromatography and Separation Science in Integrated Environment Code for Sustainable Development

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