Multidimensional chromatography

Multidimensional chromatography is a chromatographic technique which is ability of delivering heightened separation performance for complex and difficult substances. It obtain this by passing the sample through two different separation stages. This is obtain by using multiple columns, each with a different stationary phase.Hyphenated techniques can be both multidimensional separation systems (HPLC-GC) and multidimensional switching systems (FID-MS). Interfaces of different techniques (GC-FTIR) are very often considered as hyphenation labelled but are not necessarily multidimensional.In multidimensional chromatography, the distribution constant is different in each part, and thus the analyte will behave different by them. Therefore, the separation in a one-dimensional system will be increased in proportion to the number of chromatographic dimensions.

               Identification of proteins and peptides
               Identification of DNA fragments
               Determination of biomarkers in petroleum and oil
               Drug isolation in urine
               Drug isolation in plasma
               Refinement of surfactants

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