Advances in chromatography

The HPLC methodology applied to the analysis of biological samples makes it possible for the identification of many metabolites. Samples from two human embryos culture medium were analysed by high-pressure liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (HPLC–MS). They work on the principle that many microorganisms have their own unique mass spectral signature based on the particular proteins and peptides that are present in the cells. Identification of unknown peaks in gas chromatography (GC-MS)-based discovery metabolomics is challenging, and remains necessary to permit discovery of novel or unexpected metabolites that may allergic diseases processes and/or further our understanding of how genotypes relate to phenotypes. Here, we introduce two new technologies and advances in pharmaceutical analytical methods that can facilitate the identification of unknown peaks.

•           Protein Phosphorylation andNon-Covalent Interaction
•           Carbohydrates, Microbes andBiomolecule Analysis
•           Approaches in Glycoproteins andGlycans
•           Advances in Isolation, Enrichment andSeparation
•           Structural Proteomics and Genomics
•           Nano scale and Micro scale FluidicSeparation
•           Lipidomic, Metabolomics and UltraraceAnalysis
•           Atom Probe Tomography

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